yes, yes, yes

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Wife and mother, Sayuri is admitted to the hospital. Unnable to come to terms with the reality that she may die, Masaaki, her husband, clashes with their children.

Takeaki knows there is a chance that his mom may not survive the surgery, but he is too young to accept this reality.

Where do you go when you die? If you die you will never see the people or anything else in world again. If that is the case, then what is the point of living? Why are we born?

Takeaki tormented by such thoughts dyes his hair as an act of self-harm and retreats into his shell.

His pregnant sister Juri is determined to raise her child alone since the father has disappeared.

While each member of the family falls apart, thinking only of themselves, only the mother, Sayuri, has feelings for her family, and a small change occurs in the heart of Masaaki when he learns of her care and love.

This is a love story that depicts the pain, loneliness, and meaning of life through the destruction and rebirth of a family, with death as its foundation.

©Akihiko Yano

Director’s Note

It is a black-and-white film, and it is often seen as a heavy work, but as a director, I do not see it that way at all. I depict the truth in a realistic manner. I believe that by facing the situation with sincerity, the gloomy and cloudy scenery will become beautiful and brightly colored in our hearts and minds.

Especially in the last scene, I tried to give the viewers of this film hope for life, which is opposite to sadness and despair.

The film depicts the disintegration and rebirth of a family based on death. In the vastness of nature, the film is a sincere and honest look at “love,” a special emotion that all human beings possess.

I sincerely hope that you will feel the beauty of nature and human beings.


“The topics of death, the meaning of life and family are translated in a raw and strong performance by the actors.”
“Yes, Yes, Yes is a raw and powerful drama narrative that confronts the spectator with the inherent difficulty of accepting the loss of a loved one.”
Akihiko Yano
Akihiko Yano
Kazuma Uesugi, Kazunari Uryu, Minami Inoue, Nahoko Kawasumi