Young and Dumb

This content includes nudity and sexual references suitable only for mature audiences.

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insider's pick
”A coming-of-age film about young people living together with eroticism. A petit ensemble drama in which Director Nakamura Yutaro excels."

Takaya and Sakura live together in a tiny apartment, splitting the rent. Sakura wanted to move as soon as possible, but Takaya hasn’t been working hard enough and has fallen into a slump, unmotivated to do anything, only to distract himself with a daily routine of bodybuilding and playing with women…. Sakura needs to earn her own money.


Director’s Note

Ultimately, one cannot live alone.
Especially if you are in a romantic relationship.
Sometimes, you are jealous of the other person because you see something you don’t want to see in him or her.
But, well, even if you give me a little trouble, I am happy as long as you guys live well.

Hikaru Kimura
Takaya Shibata, Mio Matsutake, Nanako Kudo, Shihoko Hisada, Rei Hirano, Yosuke Nishi, Hidenobu Abera