About Us

A place to
showcase Japanese indie films and filmmakers

todoiF is a coined word that stands for “Tomorrow depends on independent films.”

Because they are independent, there are many films that strongly reflect the aims, thoughts and intentions of their creators. We believe that these films have the power to open up the future from various perspectives, such as posing problems to contemporary society, presenting new values, and challenging new visual expressions.

We showcase the works of the next generation of directors with such spirit abroad. We envision a future in which directors who have gained fans overseas through todoiF will lead the future of cinema, following in the footsteps of internationally renowned directors such as Shinya Tsukamoto, Takashi Miike, Hirokazu Kore-eda, and Ryusuke Hamaguchi.

todoiF will carefully select and stream independent films that we would like to introduce and recommend to as many people overseas as possible, regardless of the world’s reputation, trends, or fashions.

Thoughtful curation will assure audiences of quality film and introduce a wide range of new Japanese independent films as well as Japanese cult classics that continue to impress overseas viewers.