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"Japanese noir is born! The men plotting deceit, the ghost of a deceased wife scattered in a revenge drama, the visual and auditory hallucinations of a murder scene. Triggering them is the relationship between the madam of the bar and the yakuza, an essential part of Japanese hard-boiled. The film beautifully depicts the emotions of a lonely man. The partner who offers a ray of hope in the ending scene is worth watching."

After 14 years in prison for murdering his wife and her lover, Shinohara returns to town, determined to get revenge on the person who killed his wife and set him up… With help from detective Matsuo, who was in charge of the case, and his grass Nishi, Shinohara finds out that it was a young Yakuza boss, Zaizen. With help from Nishi, he learns how to shoot. While getting ready to kill Zaizen, he starts suffering nightmares about his wife’s murder, but at the same time he finds peace when he meets her ghost. One day, he goes to a bar and meets a woman called Haru, who is the spitting image of his late wife. Shocked, he leaves the bar, and the situation begins to roll in an unexpected direction.

©Norichika OBA

DIrecto’s Note

I made this film with a once-in-a-lifetime decision to fulfill my selfish dream of making interesting films that I wanted to see by myself and make as I wanted to make them. So, it would have been enough if I had been the only one who thought the finished film was interesting, but when my friend who saw the film for the first time said, “Interesting!” I was so moved that I cried. I realized that this was the real thrill of making a film. I hope that many more “Interesting!” will be born with Cyclops.


“ Cyclops constructs a deep web of entanglements and plot twists.”
Norichika Oba
Norichika Oba
Mansaku Ikeuchi, Yu Saitou, Kouzou Satou, Hikohiko Sugiyama, Ako