Unscripted Life

Available ’24 Early Summer anywhere except for the following regions: Japan


Junko, single and nearly 40 doesn’t get the hint about a marriage interview offered by her concerned aunt. And then, a paper airplane lands before her. Opening it, Junko discovers that this plane is actually a marriage registration paper where only the name column for the man is signed.

©︎ belly roll film

Director’s Note

I met actress Hiroko Yashiki on a film shoot. Since then, I had been thinking of having her appear in one of my films someday. I shot this film hoping to bring out a new charm in Yashiki-san, who has been doing a lot of action scenes. She runs a couple of times in this film, but each time, the meaning and appearance of running changes, so I would be happy if you could enjoy that subtle change.

27 min
Teppei Isobe
Kazuo Nagai, Teppei Isobe
Hiroko Yashiki, Hiromi Shinju, Misato Namba, Riku Tokimitsu, Hiroyuki Shirai, Kazunari Tosa, Arata Yamanaka