85 min

This content includes nudity and sexual references suitable only for mature audiences.

Available anywhere except for the following regions: Japan

The Japanese government decides to even further regulate superheroes AND the overall populace using the Vector Card, a new ID system. Vector also happens to be a corporation that has been gradually extending its power behind the scenes. Our hero, Soma Kusanagi, is a foul-mouthed ruffian marked as a persona non-grata by not only the government, but also Vector. However, he’s one of the only people who can equip the “Stray Buckle” which transforms him into the hero Strega. Due to his pariah status, Soma, the former Gun Caliber, is forced to keep his newfound identity of Strega secret from the public eye. When a mysterious, yet boisterous Vector Card hacker emerges with a sinister plot to turn all of Tokyo into monsters, Soma is partnered up with a new recruit, Sayuri. Tokyo’s fate now depends on the two unlikely heroes rising to their greatest challenge yet.

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Ryo Kumaou


Bueno, Mai Miori, Sakurako Fujiwara, Hideki Oka, Keisaku Kimura, Ayane Haruna, Alice Shiina, Hiroyuki Taniguchi, Ryo Kumao, Amita Hachidori No.4


“Strega is the result of an idea that has developed over years in the making. It takes my love of Japanese comedic greats such as Tunnels, Downtown, and Shimura Ken, blends it with the cool action of Hong Kong Cinema and tokusatsu, and then meshes it with the entertaining formulas of Japan’s prime era of late night dramas.

All the resources and production experience that I have gained from working in Japanese action/stunts, Japanese AV, and general film making experimentation. And although my crew and I went through many difficulties and challeneges in creating this film, we hope that you have as much fun watching it as we did making it.”