Overnight Walk

Available ’24 Early Summer anywhere except for the following regions: Japan


27-year-old failed actress, Sakura, is wondering whether or not to accept a nude offer. Her older sister Yuriko visits her in Tokyo. The younger sister who abandoned her hometown and the older sister who never left begin a midnight walk from Shimokitazawa to Shinjuku.

©︎ belly roll film

Director’s Note

When I missed the last train in Tokyo, I decided to walk from Shimokitazawa to Shinjuku. Why did I decide to walk?
Maybe it reminded me of the “night hikes (overnight walks)” I did with the Boy Scouts when I was a kid.
I thought that I’d rather walk with someone not just by myself.
We would look in the same direction and walk, talking bit by bit about things we normally couldn’t talk about, and then, in the morning our relationship would become a little different. I imagined that kind of movie would be nice.
A man and a woman? Siblings? Parent and child?
It would be a wonderful movie if two actresses I recently met, Reiko Takada and Hiroko Yashiki, walked around as sisters.
When I arrived in Shinjuku in the morning, I offered them a chance to appear in a movie.

43 min
Teppei Isobe
Kazuo Nagai
Reiko Takada, Hiroko Yashiki, Ryo Anraku, Hiroshi Hosokawa, Jin Sasaki, Katsuma Inoue, Saaya Goto, Shiori Tsuchiya, Tetsuro Takeda, Nanako Hideyuki Kobashi, Kazumasa Takada ,Naoto Tatsumi, Sho Ishikawa , Yuta Sato, Yusuke Iguchi, Keiko Hasuike