Midnight Moratorium

23 min

Available ’24 Early Summer anywhere except for the following regions: Japan

Namba, Gonda, Tokimitsu, Nishikawa, and Okada, who were a close group of high school friends, hold a small farewell party on their way home from the funeral of their leader, Maiko Matsumoto.
They are excited to see each other again after a long time, but they decide to go to the riverside in the middle of the night to dig up the time capsule that they buried together at the time of their graduation and uncover Matsumoto’s secret.





Jiro Matsuda


Misato Namba, GON, Riku Tokimune, Riko Nishikawa, Kazuo Nagai, Morihiro Iwamoto, Mai Matsumoto


Three days at the end of the year. Instead of having a year-end party, we got together to shoot a movie. I had buried a time capsule with my friends, but we forgot about it and never dug it up, so I decided to make a movie about what happened after that.