And Again We Are Going Up

33 min

Available ’24 Early Summer anywhere except for the following regions: Japan

Kaede, Ryota, Mana, Asahi, Haruka, Soshi, and Tatsumi were friends in high school. When they turned 22 years old, the six of them get together to visit their alma mater. They stop by the library and find a book on séance techniques, and then begin to perform “Kagome” necromancy. Kaede, who is the least enthusiastic, has a secret between her and Tatsumi, who died before graduation.





Jiro Matsuda,
Yoshihiko Taniguchi,
Teppei Isobe


Misato Namba,
Takuma Jogu,
Hayato, Ainosuke,
Hiroki Nomura,
Ai Kashima,
Kazuhito Shirokihara,
Mai Matsumoto


Misato Namba, an actress, asked me to direct a film she wanted to make with her friends. I had started making independent films a year earlier, and was happy to be asked by someone for the first time, so I immediately said I would do it. They came up with a “horror story set in a school” plot, and Jiro Matsuda, a screenwriter, converted it into a scenario, and then I shot it as I liked, making it various changes on location. Someone else came up with the idea, someone else wrote the script, and then we changed it on the set. It was fun to see how the story kept changing, and I still have fond memories of this film. We had a lot of fun shooting on the location limited within the school, so please enjoy watching the film.

“"And Again We Are Going Up” is somewhat raw, but the combination of social drama, mystery, and supernatural thriller works quite well here, while Misato Namba provides an additional point of appeal. "