in another language

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Summer 2020. Pedestrians have begun to return to Tokyo. In one corner of a cafe, a man and woman are taking part in a One Coin English Cafe where participants can casually enjoy English conversation for a small price.
Miki is a woman who tells lies about her work and background while participating in the conversation to satisfy her modest need for approval. Kenji is a young actor who plans to work in the US but is restricted from traveling there.
The two of them hit it off and start playing a game where they visit English conversation cafes and act like different people.
There are two rules to the game.
“Stay out of each other’s life,” and “Don’t lie in Japanese.”

© 2021 Tick Tack Movie

Director’s Note

I hoped that I would create a “naive romantic comedy” set in COVID-19 disaster Tokyo in 2020, in a charming and endearing manner, while certainly reflecting society. This in itself could be a message of small hope and optimism for the world as well as Japan.
As a creator living in this era, I intend to put a little of that hope into this film.
I hope you will enjoy this tale of two charming people’s lies and truths, and that it will be a little bit of refreshment for you.



"The comment about the need of people to connect is highlighted throughout the movie, and presented in a highly entertaining and playful fashion, through the pretenses of the two protagonists. "
"Masaya Tsutsumi helps us escape the dreadful doom of a never-ending pandemic with a charming romantic comedy filled with lies and… practicing English?"
"In Another Language is an enjoyable indie romance narrative that elegantly plays with the fact that lie and truth are fundamentality interwoven within a subject’s speech."
Masaya Tsutsumi
Makoto Kikuchi, Kosuke Fujita, Toshikazu Nakayama