Smell, but I Love You

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Makoto has been suffering from his girlfriend Yui’s bad breath, but he has not been able to tell her about her breath.

©2015 Kazuo Nagai

Director’s Note

One day during my school days, a friend got a girlfriend.
However, when I was introduced to her, she had horrible breath.
At first I could not accept this, but as time went by, I began to think that this was “pure love.”
A few years later, I decided to make a film about it. It is my first film as a director.
I hope that people who suffer from their lover’s bad breath will watch this film.

24 min
Kazuo Nagai
Kazuo Nagai
Rudelman Daichi, Eri Uenishi, Takashi Nasu, Michiru Miura, Masami Shinozaki, Amane , Shiho Mamiya, Mayumi, Rentaro Iga, Mako Idogawa