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People have disappeared due to the spread of infectious diseases in Japan. Surviving, a man is overwhelmed by deep regret and sorrow. One day, a girl in a red raincoat appears before him.

©Kosuke Nakahama

Director’s Note

This is my first independent film. It was a hellish shoot with a lot of trouble, but it was a good lesson for me. The reason why I chose this subject matter for my first film is because I wanted to be true to my initial urge. When I was an elementary school student.I saw “I AM LEGEND” in a theater with my father, and it fascinated me. I also borrowed the original book from the library and read it over and over until it was worn out. It is a part of my flesh and blood. I tried my best to make the film in response to my elementary school days when I was fascinated by that movie. There are many parts of the film that are not so good, but I hope you enjoy it.

39 min
Kosuke Nakahama
GON, Niko Higashide, Nori Uchida, Ittoku Den, Mi-san