The Murders of Oiso

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“I remember…but I don’t think you will believe it.”
The mystery-drama is set in the oldest town by the shore in Japan, Oiso. Kazuya (Yusaku Mori), who is the abusive leader of the juvenile gang, grew up with three mates, Tomoki (Haya Nakazaki), Shun (Koji Moriya), and Eita (Shugo Nagashima), together they work at his uncle, Ito’s construction company after graduating from high school. One day, Ito was found dead in his own backyard and soon, it is revealed that he was remarried in disguise to an unfamiliar woman. Shortly afterwards, Kazuya’s grandmother, who suffers from dementia, is reported missing… The series of unsettled mysteries leads to the conundrum and secrecy between the quartet coming into view.

©Wong Fei Pang & Takuya Misawa

Director’s Note

Who did it?
Who was killed in the first place?
These comments received after the film’s release indicate that this is not a “typical” suspense film.
Some people may think the story and the structure of the film are ridiculous. However, this is a film that I made with my own sense of reality – focusing on issues that have grown and surfaced since Trump administration, such as toxic masculinity and fake news.
I believe you will find your own darkness in the characters who live with a sense of stagnation in a rural Japanese city.


“Refreshingly bold, exceptionally well-crafted drama. Keen eye for creative narrative construction and impressive control of film language.”
“Director Takuya’s experimental style in editing and use of sound is notable in trying to bolster the narrative.”
“Wondrously manages to portray young people regardless of geographical or generational differences... complemented by its exquisite images and the multiple narrative viewpoints.”
“The movie is a milestone for Hong Kong. It marks a rare foray for the city’s non-mainstream filmmakers into the world of international co-productions.”
“Intriguing production and much artistry to be found here... No fan of Japanese indie will be disappointed when watching this movie”
Takuya Misawa
Takuya Misawa
Mori Yusaku, Nakazaki Haya, Moriya Koji, Nagashima Shugo, Hori Natsuko, Koshino Ena, Chun-Yip (Siuyea) Lo