Suitable for You

83 min

Available anywhere except for the following regions: Japan

Miki Iizuka is dissatisfied with her husband, Yoshinori. Needing a vacation, they rent a holiday villa with Yoshinori’s coworker Takako and her husband. Just as they arrive, Yoshinori and Takako must solve a work problem, and the two couples split to spend their vacations separately. It seemed as if their precious holiday would become nothing more than remote work, but Miki and Takako’s husband Mitsu are elated. At dinner, Miki hears Yoshinori’s ideal working philosophy, and she begins to see the widening gap between them.





Tomoyuki Takahashi


Mayumi Yamamoto, Ichiro Hashimoto


What does it mean to be “suitable”?
It could be the compatibility between people, or the compatibility of a given name. I feel that it is something very uncertain and changeable. This is a film about such a theme, which takes place over the course of five days. Please enjoy it.