Curry Rice

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Miyuki, a young girl who lives with her mother Yuka, always has curry rice for dinner when her mom is away at work. She is so lonely that she throws away the curry. And 14 years later on Mother’s Day, Miyuki remembers her late mother’s curry.

©Akihiro Takeishi

Director’s Note

Thank you for your interest in my film, Curry Rice.
This film is dedicated to my mother who raised me almost by herself. Don’t worry! She is still alive! If you reflect a little on your own roots after watching this film, it will be worthwhile for me to have directed it.
This film has crossed the oceans several times and has succeeded in reaching beyond the so-called “one-inch subtitle barrier.” I pray that it will transcend the barrier and reach you this time too.

10 min
Akihiro Takeishi
Nanami Honda, Mai Hiraoka, Mariko Kobayashi, Toshimitsu Maeda, Reiko Kataoka