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Ayaka Tojo, an art college student who loves cosmetics, is drugged and sexually assaulted by Keisuke Shibashima, a self-proclaimed film director, who picks her up and asks her to be in his movie. Ayaka is forced to cry herself to sleep, and she becomes mentally ill, but she gradually regains her composure after meeting Satomi, a graduate student, and Yumi, an apparel store clerk. However, when Ayaka learns that Yumi is Shibashima’s next target, she kills Shibashima out of the blue. As she proceeds to dispose of the corpse, she realizes that human blood is the ideal material for cosmetics.

©Odaya Carnival

Director’s Note

Thank you for your interest. This film is the most entertaining feminist film in the world, which you can watch while drinking beers with your friends. We dramatically expressed our hatred and frustration towards the misogynist-filled Japanese society. We hope you enjoy it.


“Expressing itself through DIY punk aesthetic, Cosmetic DNA blends the hyperrealism of a commercially obsessed culture with the grittiness of the most beloved trash cinema..”
“Cosmetic DNA offers a revenge trip through the sexism of the Japanese society, glowing in neon colors and backed by upbeat techno.”
Kenya Okubo
Kenya Okubo
Itsuki Fujii, Tatsutaka Saimen, Ruka Nakano, Runa Kawasaki, Ryo Yoshioka, Kenta Ishida