A New Wind Blows

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”A fantasy runaway drama of love that begins in a closed room. The character played by Director Yutaro Nakamura is fascinating!"

Kotaro, a small man, was more interested in Hikari than anyone else.
On New Year’s Eve, after missing the last train, Kotaro finally confesses his feelings to Hikari. It’s a very silly confession that wouldn’t even be mentioned on social networking sites. The next morning, the city of Tokyo is in a New Year’s mood, and the two, who can neither be lovers nor friends again, are in stark relief in such a city. Even when a stalker suddenly attacks them, and even when they are singing with an angel in a leotard, little Kotaro’s shaking heart was concerned only about Hikari’s feelings for him.
This is a story of love without beginning or end, depicting the cruelty of libido and romance among young people living in the modern age


Message from Filmmaker

This is the daily life of a filmmaker like me, living in a town called Tokyo, but it is a little different. It is soft, but it is also pretentious and stubborn. It is like the “trembling heart” that I used to dangle when I was a teenager. It’s a phenomenon of the wind in the midst of the ordinary days.


“A New Wind Blows is enticing viewing, showing a world of endless possibility and eccentric freedom.”
Yutaro Nakamura
Yutaro Nakamura, Hikaru Saiki, Takaya Shibata, An Ogawa, Yujiro Hara, Kaoru Iida, Sueishi Kazuya, Masaaki Hirai