Resident of Alice

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Tsugumi was sexually abused by her father when she was a child, and she is still haunted by the regret and trauma of not telling her mother. She spends her days at orphanage, meeting men on social networking sites and earning money through lewd acts. She realizes that she will soon be old enough to leave the family home and go out into the world. Tsugumi wonders how she can change her current life. Falling for a young man named Kenji, Tsugumi begins to look into her own future, but an incident leads her to overdose.

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Director’s Note

My father and grandfather were violent with my family. I grew up in an environment where the line between education and abuse was blurred.Now that I’m a father, I wanted to address the issue of child abuse. This film is a fiction, yet reflects the lives of the actors and director but also our wishes for the future and it is a statement of thoughts and feelings which are not lies.
We hope that this film will be the first step from some kind of stagnation and give you hope.


“Resident of Alice” is a true gem of a film, and one of the most interesting Japanese indie dramas we have seen this year.
64 min
Keiichiro Sawa
Rinka Kashimoto, Tanri, Harumi Shuhama, Ban Yuka, Kanane Tenpaku