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A new horror film about the fate of an idol captured by an insane voice trainer. Yuka Kanda, the center of an underground idol group of voice actresses, wins the number one spot in the popularity vote for six consecutive months and is set to make her solo debut. However, she is extremely tone-deaf, and her producer Akiyama and manager Aikawa are troubled. Then, through the introduction of group member Rina, Yuka enrolls in a voice training camp run by a dubious voice coach, Miho. As the lessons progress, Miho’s insanity becomes apparent, and she believes Yuka is unworthy of being an idol. Meanwhile, Akiyama and Aikawa ask Kato, a fan of Yuka’s, to shoot a music video for her solo debut. As the unveiling of the song at a live performance approaches the next day, Yuka is held captive by Miho.


Director’s Note

Miporin is my directorial debut and a very memorable film.
It was released in Japan in 2019 before the pandemic, and was shown in a style called “screaming screening,” in which viewers screamed and shouted along with the cast and set off firecrackers in movie theaters. And it was liven up largely, especially by the cult followers called “Miporar.”
My dream for this film is that it is loved and celebrated internationally like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

I hope that one day I will be able to visit your country and scream with you.

Daiki Matsumoto
Asami Kakio, Haruka Tsuda