For Rei

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Rei is unable to express her opinions well due to her introverted nature. Her time with her boyfriend, NAKAMURA, is calm but nothing passionate. One night, Rei strongly wishes that she could meet her real father, who was separated from her at an early age by her parents’ divorce. From that night onward, introverted Rei’s heart burns with an enduring passion. Through conversations with her mother, complicated memories, dreams and her reunion with her father, Rei’s thoughts about her family are gradually revealed.


Director’s Note

This film is set in Ginza, which is a special place for my family, and Yamanashi, the land of Mt. Fuji, where I felt something mysterious when I was a child. The feelings for the family that I depicted in this film are not necessarily positive. Rei, the protagonist, is confused. But she chooses to be honest. I hope the audience will be encouraged by Rei’s sincerity.


“Yukari Sakamoto’s For Rei is a great narrative. Not only because of Sakamoto’s fine sensibility in composing with cinematographical movement and her skill to artfully compose shots, but also because she knows how to use the evocative nature of language to tell/structure her story.”
65 min
Yukari Sakamoto
An Ogawa, Kinoshita Seiji, Amon Hirai, Ryo Matsuura