Dream of Euglena

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”To the overseas audience, this film is about a very unique Japanese culture. It's a story of the dreams and hopes of every "Euglena." If you come to Japan, I hope that you will meet Euglena."

A pair of parking guards, Makoto and Shige relentlessly crack down on illegal parking. Due to their uniform they are called “Euglena,” a tiny green organism. Makoto, a straight shooter, strictly clamps down on all unlawfully parked cars, but Shige, a loose cannon, shows favor to cute girls, forgiving as he wills. The men receive new assignments to a downtown night shift. However, working at night has it’s challenges.

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Director’s Note

After making 20 short films, this is my first attempt at a feature. I believe that there are things that only I, who am also a actor, can express.I hope that you will enjoy watching the hard work of “Euglena” and I would be happy if you could think a little bit about the parking violation system in Japan.


“DREAM OF EUGLENA is a pleasant and quite entertaining film that is bound to put a smile on the face of any viewer.”
86 min
Mikiya Sanada
Yoshinari Ota
Takuya Fuji, Hiroki Horikawa, Yoshino Imamura, Nahoko Yoshimoto, Kazuma Sano, Takashi Nishina, Shiiko Utagawa, Tomoharu Hasegawa, Masahiro Toda