Fake Plastic Planet

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A truly magical and unique film! The questioning of the absurdity lurking in the balance of society is reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland." Director Kenichi Sono's depiction of coincidences and inevitabilities, fakes and common occurrences is truly outstanding as a "theater of the absurd."

A 25 years old homeless girl, Shiho, living in an internet cafe, runs into a blind fortune teller, who insists that they had met 25 years ago.
Figuring out whom the fortune teller actually met was, turns out to be a journey to search for her identity.

©Kenichi Sono

Director’s Note

Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. Sometimes they defy explanation. I have always been fascinated by meaningful coincidences as I grow up, and I feel that they might be guiding people to a better life. That is to say, those strange happenings can tell us something important about our lives and ourselves. In order to make the meaning behind all the events Shiho experiences stand out clearly, I filled the world with shady characters. Therefore, audiences may feel as if they are trapped in the world which are made of “fake plastic.” However, by the time they finish watching this film, they start believing what you can see is not everything and even some bad things happening to their lives could be just a part of meaningful coincidences. I believe this film could give audiences hope for a better tomorrow.


“Fake Plastic Planet manages to keep you on the edge of your seat until the end, thanks to a good, dynamic script, a well-measured gradual inception of mystery, and a rather fresh, realistic and natural performance from the spontaneous young actress Kasumi Yamaya.”
Kenichi Sono
Kenichi Sono
Kasumi Yamaya, Kei Ichihashi, Tomokazu Koshimura