Shuichi Tan

Director / Film Editor / Concept Artist

Born in 1965 in Hyogo Prefecture. He spreads his work into the CF world, using the sense and career as a music video director handling many pieces of work. His ingenious skills has excellent reputations, finishing the work powerfully and in fine quality, always facing the subject sincerely. Many singers, actors, and actresses have strong faith in him. Recently putting his effort into graphics, he will direct and photograph for the Miyazaki-prefecture Gokase-towns 55th aniversary special opened website "GOGO GOKASE". The world he creates is so close and unparalleled, reflecting his thoughts in every color, feel of material, set,and tool, especially in the music videos. In TV commercials, he handles several categories of products, such as automo- tives to cosmetics. Always creating with wide expressions and there is always a consistent passion of "beauty". Many offers come from other Asian countries as well as in Japan. [Magic Utopia]is his debut feature.