Yusuke Isaka

Director / Writer

He was born in Ibaraki, Japan. Graduated from Rikkyo University, Department of Body Expression and Cinematic Arts. While working at an animation production company, he directed his first film “Ghost Idol Koharu," which was selected for the Pia Film Festival PFF Award 2015. Since then, he has made a series of short films in the style of horror films about beautiful young girls and quirky comedies, and “One More to a Thousand" won the Audience Award at the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival in 2018. In 2022, his vertical film "Maho-tsukai Keibu-chan," postted to TilTok, was selected as one of the 17 finalists out of 2000 submissions at the 2nd TikTok TOHO Film Festival. This film, "Shaman's Daughter," is his first feature film.