Kozue Ito

Director / Writer

After graduating from university, Kozue began her career as an actor in her home region of Osaka, Japan. In 2018, she became interested in experimental and genre work when she worked as an assistant director for the Tokyo International Festival of Performing Arts. Presently, she is engaged in various kinds of artworks as a film director, actor, screenwriter and photographer. She recently has collaborated with artists around the world, including Jakarta Arts Council’s cross-cultural projects. In 2022, her film, “Ours”, has screened domestically and internationally, achieving award recognition at numerous international film festivals, including Kansai Queer Film Festival’s Grand Prix. She co-directed Japan-US collaborative film “TIDES” together with Steven J Martin and Shota Uchiyama, which will be out in 2023. Her new film “us, still” is supposed to be completed this year as well.