Kenji Murakami

Director / Writer

Born in 1970 in Takasaki City, Gunma province. Murakami started producing films on 8mm at the age of 16. "Tel-Club" ('98) won the Grand Prix at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. And then, his films were screened, for example "How I'm Surviving in Kawaguchi City" ('03) at Nippon Connection, "Dear Mrs.Ougi" ('06), INTERVIEW WITH FUMIKI WATANABE, THE GREAT FILM MAKER('07) and FUJICA SINGLE-DATE('07) at Vancouver International Film Festival. In his films, reality turns out to be fictitious and the fiction interrogates our daily reality. He works for TV program, Original Video and his own project. He also works for both drama and documentary. Directed works include films such as Zomvideo, and Sound Hunting (winner of the YIDFF 2013 Sky Perfect IDEHA Prize); television programs including The Great Horror Family, Mori Tatsuya’s Documentary Tells a Lie, and Eros no yukue kieyuku hihokan; and commercials such as AKB48—So What Was Maeda Atsuko After All? Written works include Love Hotel Collection and Japanese Showa Love Hotel Encyclopedia.